Local conference “Business Reset: New Formats”

Local conference “Business Reset: New Formats”

Local conference “Business Reset: New Formats” 1000 569 Social Entrepreneurship Heroes

On October 6, 2020, a meeting of scientists of the Faculty of Economics, representatives of social business and students was held on the topic “Business Reset: new formats”.

The topics:

  • Nikkel Leila – a topic of the report: “Social entrepreneurship in the context of a pandemic: problems and prospects”;
  • Gakaeva Aishat – topic: “the Internet is after a reboot: trends and new formats”;
  • Aimbetova Aida, Shipilova Elizaveta and Seidullayeva Adema – topic of the report: “Smart trip-travel of a new generation”.

The incredibly rapid development of information and telecommunications technologies and the spread of the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) are radically changing not only our daily habits, the way we communicate and the nature of our work. All modern business, including social entrepreneurship, is in the process of transformation. Companies respond to the challenges of the times by adapting their business models to rapidly changing circumstances and implementing new, more effective tools. Students and undergraduates of the Faculty of Economics presented current research and a startup project in the field of social entrepreneurship, digital marketing and smart technologies in tourism.

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