A mentorship program in India

A mentorship program in India

A mentorship program in India 738 491 Social Entrepreneurship Heroes

Mentorship pairs were formed in India to teach youth different skills. The project participants were introduced to the leading social problems. Later on, they had training courses in different activities. The main idea was to teach them various skills that they could use to start their own social business.

1. Paper and cloth bag making Workshop

Plastics have grown to a great extent in our daily life and now plastics have become an integral part of our lives. The use of plastic is so extensive and frequent that the ecological balance is wholly damaged and its serious consequences are found on animals and humans. At this workshop, youth were mentored on collecting old newspapers, mats, rings, and stripes, converting them into finished paper bags and selling them as social Entrepreneurs.

2. Baking workshop

The baking workshop was carefully designed to cover various aspects of baking and provide students with a better understanding of it. Experts and chefs conducted this workshop. For participants, they showed various essential elements such as usage of raw materials, how to blend products correctly or set up perfect oven temperature. This baking workshop was designed to meet 100% hands-on experience.

3. Pot making Workshop

During this workshop participants were told how to make pottery. This is a great example, how the ability to make something from clay can lead to opening a social business.

4. Sewing Workshop

This workshop taught young ladies how to use sewing machines and showed them the easiest ways to make all kinds of clothes. This is an excellent way to start a social business if you have basic knowledge of sewing.

5.  Red Dot Bag Making workshop

The Red Dot Campaign was formally launched this year. The city-wide the project was launched in two parts, one to raise awareness on ways to dispose of sanitary waste and the other, to make sanitary napkin manufacturers more accountable. At this workshop, the youth was learning to make red dot bags.

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