Growing community together

We believe in the power of community. A community where neighbours support each other and where individual contribution is an essential part of the collective growth.

KYALI KYALI unites a number of Ugandan social organisations tackling education, unemployment and HIV related challenges.

We distribute products crafted by local craftsmen and invest all our earnings into growing and developing the communities of Uganda.

Member organisations

Muwanga Development Association

We work together with other community members who share our passion to help the Youth, Women, Children and orphans affected by poverty, illiteracy and HIV/AIDS. We also aspire to the highest levels of best practices and accountability in all our work. Our fundamental strategy is to empower our communities to take up charge of their own development.

Uganda Youth Skills Training Organisation

A team of people committed to equip youth in Uganda with a knowledge and know-how to handle business opportunities and future job endeavours. At UYSTO we believes that personal development, education and vocational skills development are the way to end poverty. We advocate for a better future for youth in Uganda and worldwide through all the activities and projects we do.

Starlight Family

With the help of our worldwide family, friends and supporters Starlight Family Charity Organisation, supports vulnerable children and adults in Nasuuna and Nakassagazi villages, Kiboga, Uganda. Starlight Family’s young founder in Uganda, Lukyamuzi James was himself an orphan and street child and knows the difficult conditions faced by many living in his local area today.

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