Local conference at Kampala

Local conference at Kampala

Local conference at Kampala 1080 810 Social Entrepreneurship Heroes

The SEH conference meeting was held on 15/01/2021, At SS HOTEL KAMPALA.

Theme – to raise awareness on Social Entrepreneurships Heroes project.

The various stakeholders were invited to attend the conference, which included – the local leaders, social workers, community development officer of the Sub-County. SEH Youth Conference brought a group of 30 vulnerable young people of similar ages and a couple of adults together from Kiboga district.

This conference aimed to inform others, what was this project about and what has been done. All activities were introduced, which happened during the entire project. Main speakers of this conference were successful social entrepreneurs from Kiboga, who advised the youth on how to start a social business that benefits the community and helps to have a stable job. Community members, who participated in the SEH training gave their feedback about the project. Results were introduced to the target audience: young people, potential educators, social workers, researchers.

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