Kick-off Meeting in Lithuania

Kick-off Meeting in Lithuania

Kick-off Meeting in Lithuania 1000 667 Social Entrepreneurship Heroes

It is right to say that the project has officially begun!

On the 10-14th of January, all partners met in Vilnius, Lithuania to commence first work for social entrepreneurship around the globe. Partners on this project include Active Youth based in Lithuania, Associación Civil Red de Acción Climática (RAMCC), based in Argentina, Karaganda State University based in Kazakhstan, Muwanga Development Association based in Uganda, and Bharati Vidyapeeth based in India.

During the kickoff, project’s team visited various of local entrepreneurs and social enterprises. For example, Mano Guru — a salad bar in Vilnius which employs ex-cons — to better understand social enterprises as well as the current social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Lithuania (and the EU in a broader sense). During the rest of the kick-off meeting, partner organizations founded a plan for the duration of the two years facilitating this project. Project aims to organize and conduct training courses, exchanges, and various other activities in each of the project countries as well as to create an open-source online platform were youth and other enthusiasts could learn about social entrepreneurship.

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