Mentorship program in Lithuania

Mentorship program in Lithuania

Mentorship program in Lithuania 2829 1398 Social Entrepreneurship Heroes

This February mentorship program started in Lithuania. Young people who want to know more about starting a social business were invited to register for this mentorship. 

Main idea: To encourage young people to choose a social business model and increase knowledge about social business benefits for society. Also to promote cooperation between young people and the business world.

Participants had four meetings with professionals who have a vast amount of knowledge in the business area. Young people prepared their ideas about the social business they want to establish. Mentors gave all information regarding successful social business examples, law regulations, valuable workshops, and tools for starting a social enterprise.  

One of our participants Evelina shares: “I am glad that we are continuing mentoring and friendship with Viktorija (mentor). I am grateful for the project, during which I found essential answers, started moving forward and established partnerships that were useful for the implementation of the project.”

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