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Manos Unidas Stories

Manos Unidas is a bakery with a social cause based in Bell Ville, Argentina. Read about some of the beautiful people working there:

manos unidas stories

Mr. Guillermo Hugo Torino

He’s the friendliest guy in town! Giullermo loves meeting new people and making friends. As much as talking in the radio! This makes him a little famous here – all the people of Bell Ville know & love him! He’s also passionate about football and, thus, plays in a local team. Since an early age, he has been into math and is responsible for aritmetics in Manos Unidas. He counts increadibly fast! His wish is to travel around Argentina, visit Colombia, Spain and even Romania! After learning a lot in Manos Unidas, he’s also thinking about opening his own bakery. Of course, he’ll get all the staff to work with him as well!

Manos Unidas stories

Ms. Gloria Del Carmen Susana Vilches

She’s the artist of Bell Ville! For all her life she’s been into handcrafts, paintings and art. She got plenty of experience while living in Buenos Aires and making fashion items over there. Now she is using the knowledge to not only make perfect-shaped cookies, but also all the decorations in Manos Unidas. Not to mention that she’s the artist behind the famous ball in Bell Ville Football Museum. Yes, the one with Messi’s face on it! But that’s not all. She’s still dreaming big and wants to visit Disney World in United States!

Manos Unidas stories

Making others happy is the best way to spend your day

Mr. Juan Carlos Alias Piki

Good guy Juan. He likes when things are neat and tidy, that’s why he makes sure that Manos Unidas is crystal clean! His hobby is football. Especially watching matches with his friends. It’s interesting that for years he has been working in the metal industry and has now made an incredible change. From cutting iron to baking cookies! His closest friends are all here and he wants to be close to them. Making others happy is the best way to spend your day, Juan says.

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