Training course in Kazakhstan

18 youth workers from 5 countries (Argentina, India, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Uganda) met in Karaganda, Kazakhstan for the training course on social entrepreneurship topic. While first day of the course was dedicated for social and cultural exploration – after getting to know each over and playing some social games, delegates visited Karaganda Historical Museum, had a walk around and got to know the city of Karaganda better – rest of the days were full of sessions, lectures and workshops.

Straight from the second day participants dived into the waters of social entrepreneurship. E.A. Buketov University lecturers gave lectures on social business, initiated discussions, promoted social activism and critical thinking. To counter theory with practice, delegates initiated and lead workshops on creativity, facilitation and development of ideas.

After learning about social business, delegates visited local social initiative – foster home near Karaganda. Foster home facility included both living spaces and school/ training area where children has opportunity to practise and learn basic household skills and responsibilities: cooking, cleaning, sewing and even driving. Children at the foster home were very excited to meet project’s participants from foreign countries. Children have prepared and presented a concert program and after the event, participants together with children engaged in sport activities and conversations.

Having so many people from different countries of the world in one place was a great opportunity to share and learn. Each country organized culture evenings, during which everyone presented their country, it’s traditions and games. It was very interesting to find out that despite the large distance between Lithuania and India, these two countries play identical games and share some common traditional and cultural aspects.

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